Rubberwala Corporate Social Responsibility

As the Chinese proverb goes, "If you want happiness for a lifetime -
                                help the next generation."
We make sure that we do our part. It is important to us that, not just our buildings, but our organization stands tall too. We ensure this by being concerned of the society we work for and live in. We treat our labor with dignity. We build dreams by establishing trust with everyone. We begin with the people who work for us. They are given the best safety equipment for their protection and are also given medical insurance coverage. We follow ISI safety standards for construction. We pay fair wages and do not employ children on our sites. We offer education facilities to the children of migrant workers who we employ on site. We support the cause of education and up-liftment of the poorer socio-economic groups via our registered trust, the "Rubberwala Charitable Trust" and the Al-Ameena family trust. We are actively involved in and participate…

Tabrez Shaikh Rubberwala

Mr. Tabrez Shaikh, Chairman & Managing Director of Rubberwala Groupis a recognized expert in the construction industry. He specializes in strategic planning, capital market transactions, due diligence, and restructuring transactions areas. A graduate from Mumbai University, who started his journey from an Architect to a successful Construction Company Chief. Mr. Tabrez Shaikh is a spirited entrepreneur and visionary who foresaw the comprehensive need for housing and redefining the city he lives in. He is an experienced engineer in the construction industry for over 15 years and has been acknowledged as an accomplished performer whose presence has seen his company through many challenging times. His sheer grit and determination to succeed in the industry is exemplified in his primary residential project built in 2002, "Ameena Heights". Since then he has not looked back and moved on to new and more challenging projects.
Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved…